5 Crypto Music Startups to watch for


The all-in-one platform for growing your music career, powering the future of music.


Emanate is built on the world’s fastest public distributed ledger and computing technology, the EOSIO opensource software. Artist payments are sent instantly around the globe using a stable cryptographic asset, and our Emanate ‘EMT’ token is used for access and governance. As an artist, label or listener, you don’t have to get involved at this level… but if you do there is plenty to discover.


New streaming platform for all musiccians to build a fanbase, publish and share tracks and monetize

Ujo Music

Music platform build on ETH (Ethereum). Buy directly from music artists.


Free streaming with the use of Musicoin blockchain platform.

The Musicoin Blockchain ensures each musician receives the most competitive industry compensation, instantly and automatically, for each stream of music, you can stream our catalog of music from independent musicians. Absolutely free, and absolutely without ads

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