David Garza – Human Tattoo

David Garza Human Tattoo Album Cover

It’s in the spirit of going below the surface that the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist called his new album Human Tattoo. The concept that inspired the title, explains Garza, who admits he at times felt uncool on the tats-heavy rock scene because he didn’t have any ink himself, is that “We give each other human tattoos-when we fall in love, when we change somebody’s mind.”

Garza’s been making his mark since the late ’80s, when he emerged from the fertile Austin, Texas music scene with his inimitable blend of glam-rock, power pop, Latin folk, blues and even musique concrete.

Through a couple of major-label albums and a bevy of indie releases,  he’s embodied the troubadour, the guitar hero, the post-punk provocateur, the falsetto-wielding loverman, the effects-looping mad scientist, the griot-but always a storyteller, relentlessly seeking that human connection.

Blues, Funk, Rock… Human Tattoo sounds like a reunion of sentiments and emotions having a party deja vu, David Garza sense of music and creation has once again being embedded  in this album.

Between “Heavens in Your Heart “, “Rude Eyeshadow” and “Jean Genet”  David Garza stomps deep inside the flesh of music leaving traces of color… great mixture of sounds.

Human Tattoo  ◄ Out Now 

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