SXSW – Día 2 R3Cap & HLs

Day two

Wednesday 13th day 2 was already pumping sounds all over and pavement was starting to get covered in shoes, promotion, butts and heat waves… more and more people invaded downtown Austin for what you can name the official start-up day in Music Week… Great Official showcases were in sight and the march began right after our load and recharge at Survival Headquarters.

Bajofondo was set to play at the Radio Day Stage and it was the best time to catch them before times got in the mix with other showcases… Feauturing and Produced by Señor Gustavo Santaolalla… folks from Argentina and Uruguay form the Magic Electro Tango Rolling band…  Another great project by GAS…. One of our Favorite Tracks to Listen at Music Way Headquarters is Lluvia

Was Great to see Gustavo in Action.

Not too Far… literally just about 300 Ft we arrived to Room 18ABC, host of several Interviews during the festival for artists such as Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl and the first one on our list to attend Depeche Mode.

music way sxsw depeche mode interview

We really like Austin and are ready to play Friday Night…. it is a little bit scary but we will be okay…. we are not used to play in small places.. -Depeche Mode

Just as we were heading to 6th and Red River…  Jonas  (Una Banda de Perras / P. Mosh) was just arriving to ATX for his performance at North Door before Heading back to Mexico to showcase at Vive Latino. Quick Pic and Greetings for a later meeting.

Music Way was lucky to get Passes for NPR showcase at Stubb’s… the first one of many anticipated showcases with great line-ups…

The Show started not even 5 minutes after sunset… a perfect setting to host extraordinary bands.. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Cafe Tacvba & Yeah Yeah Yeahs..

stubbs sxsw music way npr showcase

Nick Cave was, is and will always be Nick Cave – Music that wraps you into another level of post-punk goth rock… watching the live show feels like you are living in a bubble inside an obscure short film and the devil wants to escape from Nick’s Stomach ready to kiss you and melt away. This song still echoing.

music way nick cave sxsw

Fast Tele-Transport to Mohawk and peek into Iggy and the Stooges

music way sxsw iggy pop

Quick Sneak peek and  back to NPR showcse to catch Cafe Tacvba

Getting from Stubb’s to Mohawk and back to Stubb’s was a piece of cake, 1 block  was the whole distance between the 2 venues… talk about luck and convenience.

Watching Cafe Tacvba at Stubb’s brought a lot of memories from back in the days… specially when they played together with Molotov 7 years ago… it was interesting waiting for the CafeTacvbos to come out to an audience with just a handful of Latinos, fans and connoisseurs, the majority of the crowd was there for Nick Cave and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs…they had no clue what they were about to see.

While Jumping and Singing Full Lungs it was a little odd being stared at like one of the few around. Ruben was looking for the Latinos and in some instances he seemed nervous while translating and directing to the audience. No matter what it showed why they were part of NPR showcase along with the rest of the headliners invited… a Rock en Español Band from Mexico City known Worldwide capable to play to any crowd aside any barriers.  Enjoyed the set they chose for that night… it was Epic, it was Eclectic and Electric… specially “Dejate Caer” and the part where all 4 members do the Dance Baila Combo.  Big difference between Wed & Thurs shows on so many levels.

music way sxsw cafe tacvba 2013 npr

Stayed and waited for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and rushed to The North Door for A.B.O.B. , Yokozuna & Molotov…

A.B.O.B. was one of the Bands looking to catch during sxsw… The 5 Crazy Enmascarados are all about the show and interaction with the crowd… Dirty Unknown Masked Dudes having a blast firing cool vibes and great tunes. Another Great One from Monterrey coming out strong and with lots of potential.

I really dig this project a lot better – Jonas

music way ABOB sxsw sony latin

Yokozuna was next. 2 Brothers, 1 Hard Rock Duo.  Right after Una Banda de Perras, the crowd scattered all over the venue to gulp a drink and puff a smoke.. there was an empty space at the floor across the stage… suddenly distorted noise coming out from Arturo’s guitar and Peto’s heavy drumming called the missing back to the slam area…. Heavy, Raw and Fun !

Molotov closed the Night !

music way molotov sxsw 2013 north door

Molotov was Outstanding as usual, Slam, Mosh, Jumping and Dancing all over… crowd was in for a treat… a special performance in a smaller venue made it feel like a VIP show prior to the Free NPR showcase next day… The band members were having a blast and messing around with each other  in the smaller stage.  Present were folks from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Seattle ready to Rock Hard. Mini Pandemonium at a glance.

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