SXSW – DAY 3 R3Cap + HLs

Day 3

Weekend was just hours away and SXSW Music Party was getting bigger and better every day…  Was nice to see Mr. Black doing his usual rounds at ACC  SX Headquarters… more artists were arriving for the big weekend, flyers in and out every 15 minutes, Music started pounding early that day and noticed more FREE SHOW  Signs at every block, swag, marketing, crazy and weird acts on 6th street, picture that, picture not,  a capturing smell of Amplifiers and rowdiness with a mist of alcohol crawl up into your veins, posters with great line-ups, lines, shades, backpacks, sandals, there  is no way you can have a Music overdose during SXSW….

First stop Q & A SXSW with Dave Grohl’s…  Dave knows how to play the business, lots of plans and cool strategies… more tricks up his sleeve than just playing guitar, drums, producing and everything iconic…. he is an Octopus Houdini.. no time wasted… sponge mode activated, lot to learn from Dave.

music way sxsw dave grohl

Gear set and mission accomplished headed towards West side of Congress Ave. Warehouse District… Charli XCX was the mission… Sun Glasses, Wool shorts the UK Synthronica Pop Star braved the sun beams and rocked the stage… “So Far Way” – “I’ll never know” – “You”  … was exactly the thought 6 weeks ago when saw the video release… wishes come true… Charli was here in ATX.. saw her live and scored a picture with her later on that evening + Poster…

music way sxsw charli xcx

Stomach growling… Sonidos of Spain @ Brush Square Park was the chosen re-fueling station… Delicious Paella and Sangía, conversations in Spanish, Catalan and Basque was all pretty cool… suddenly SuperSubMarina hit the stage.. WOW ! Que Digo… Grandioso ! loud guitars, jagged and feverish rhythms… think of Bloc Party/Juanes/Heroes del Silencio/Killers… crushed in a blender served chilled and you get SuperSubMarina…. One of our Favorite bands we got to see this year.

music way sxsw supersubmarina

Then it was time to get ready for one of the highly anticipated FREE shows at Auditoriums Shows… Jovannoti, Bajofondo, Molotov & Cafe Tacvba… all sharing 1 stage.  Always nice to see Austin Downtown Skyline behind the stage… that is always a plus to any performance at this location…

Jovanotti – Excelente

Bajofondo – Maravilloso

Molotov – Grandioso

Cafe Tacvba – Fenomenal

music way sxsw molotov

music way sxsw cafe tacvba

Thousands were present for the most Loco Show during SXSW Presented by NPR… FREE is always great but this one was a killer show…

2 Songs before the end of the show started walking towards W 6th The Belmont to secura a spot on another Great show for that night… Alt-J and Flaming Lips… the place was “over capacity” (Macklemore 2 nights prior was a tuna can compared to this one) and the wait time was about 1 hr hoping to get in… then a loud announcement…we are just letting 25 people in every hour… we stayed in line hoping for luck to strike again… guess what happened?…. Show Producer comes to main entrance and says only 5 get in.. we were part of those lucky 5… Bang ! once inside we managed to scored a good spot with great view and sound (UK “Mark” VIP Booth)… Charge Phones, Camera Ready, Hydrate, Relax and Fun Times, it was just a matter of minutes to enjoy the show…

music way sxsw alt-j

music way sxsw flaming lips

Alt-J & Flaming Lips – totally worth the long wait… big reason the line was all the way around the corner and folks waited no matter what… endure to catch the iconic Oklahoma group and the Famous pop, folk, and r & b UK Band.

Set over run east on 6th to close the night with Paul Okenfold.

music way sxsw paul okenfold

Was there an Aftfer Party with Okenfold ? Sure there was… until 5am.

One of the Best Days in our itinerary… Dave Grohl, Charli XCX, SuperSubmarina, Jovanotti, Bajofondo, Molotov, Cafe Tacvba, Alt-J, Flaming Lips & Paul Okenfold.

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