JUANES – Austin City Limits Season 39

Austin City Limits welcomed back Juanes after his debut back in 2006 for an extraordinary show, ACL Taping Season 39, Tuesday June 4th 2013.

13 Members on Stage including Juanes
19 songs
Austin City Limits

Amazing Vibe was flowing all around ACL Moody Theater, everyone was ready for the show to start… lots of excitment and anticipation… the crowd was ready… Cameras rolling…
Out comes Juanes with his guitar and starts the night with the song “Fijate Bien” from his debut album back in 2000.

From there on Juanes orchestrated a blissful night of Music.

“Could you be loved”, “Yerbatero” , “Azul Sabina”, “Es por tí” and “A Dios le Pido” are some of the songs that wrapped the night into a blanket of joy… True fans from all over were present. Folks originally born in Colombia residing in Austin, Houston and San Antonio took part on the chorus celebrating the success of a fellow countryman.

The crowd didn’t seem to reflect the show being taped and streamed live, besides the cameras moving all over, the audience chanted and danced throughout  the night giving it more a sense of an intimate performance.

Camera Man #3 and On-site Photographer were having a good time.

Another Great moment of the night was Raquel Sofía and Juanes performing  “Fotografia”… an electrifying duet. Raquel is definitely a star in the making, remember her name, you will know of her more often.

010JuanesTNE_DSC5482photo courtesy of KLRU-TV/Austin City Limits.  photo by Scott Newton

Juanes talked about his appearance in Austin City Limits back in 2006 and that he had no idea how big of a deal it was… to what he added ” Fuck we are in Austin City Limits ! “…  something will be bleeped out for broadcast.

First song of the encore “Volverte a Ver” performed with just a piano by Emmanuel Briseño was an extraordinary act, an elegant lure back in time to the music by Pablo Milanes.

Juanes ACL Music Way Austin 2photo by Amy E Price

Juanes ACL Music Way Austin 1photo by Amy E. Price

Shows like this one are part of the secret ingredient keeping ACL as the longest running music show in American televison.

The show will air this fall as part of season 39.
Stay Tuned

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