A Band Of Bitches / SuperSubMarina

Sony Latin Brings Great Treats to SXSW

A Band Of Bitches (Monterrey, MX)  set to perform at the ACHE  Showcase along with Molotov (MX), The Crookes (UK), Allah Las (US), Yokozuna (MX) and Tan Frio el Verano (VE).

A.B.O.B.  unique and intense performance will blow your mind.


ACHE Showcase

March 13th @ The North Door (502 Brushy St)


Also Coming all the Way from Spain is Supersubmarina.

Supersubmarina (SP) is set to play at Sounds of Spain showcase

Others Artist from Spain joining the line-up – Cuchillo, I am Dive, Pajaro, Track Dogs and Tulsa… plus you get some authentic paella, sangria and Cerveza Esañola…

Sounds Of Spain

Thursday 14 @ Brush Square Park (1:pm)


You can also catch Supersubmarina  @ Red Eyde Fly Mar/15/8pm


Other Sony artists performing next week will include: Bajofondo, Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode, Kat Dahlia and a host of others.

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