SXSW – Day 5 R3Cap + HLs

Day 5

Last Day of  SXSW Music

Prince, Smashing Pumpkins, Girl in A Coma, Justin T & Snoop Lion just part of the Big shows to close the Night and the Festival with a Bang !…

Plan was to hit Flatstock, Music Gear Expo, Ride on a Pedicab around Downtown, hope to finally catch The TonTons… take it all in before it was all over..

A tradition for every Last Day SX Saturday is to browse the poster Art and creative designs at Flatstock… Poster Artist from all over come to showcase their work… insane techniques, 3D, stickers, buttons, shirts, 11×17, 24×36, 24×18, full sheet, half-sheet, lobby, postcards, full color, B&W, Screen, Silk, Digital, Original and Prints…  Awe

music way sxsw flatstock 2

music way sxsw flatstock

Dare to say this year was a smaller bizarre bazaar atmosphere version… not the Extravagant Walk-in Gallery Expo on previous years.. hope for a better #39 next year…  or not – Austin Record Convention ?

music way sxsw music expo

Music Gear Expo was also small and felt like a market on wheels doing a quick stop during sxsw, 50 cents was present, shake, sign & out.

Head over to Emo’s hoping to catch The “Elusive” TonTons… and Again no luck… Schedule was a little behind and some time slots were changed … But was able to see Kitten and Neo Geo…

music way sxsw rags 2 riches neo geo

Neo Geo

music way sxsw pedicab

Pedicab Ride 4th/Neches – Brazos/5th – Red River/Rainey – Things happen for a reason… met with Chris local band member / Pedicab Driver about to hit the road  with new album and video… talk about being at the right place at the right time !

Rest of evening spent over at Pan Americana Festival… waiting for Kinky and in between walked over to Clive Bar to catch Liquits,  We are The Grand and Siddhartha….

music way sxsw liquits


music way sxsw we are the grand clive

We Are The Grand

music way sxsw duina del mar

Duina Del Mar (Colombia)

music way sxsw pan americana fest

music way sxsw kinky


Queriendo Mas y Mas… right after Kinky folks head over to Flamingo Cantina where Malacates Trebol Shop (Guatemala) Rock the Night away…

music way sxsw malacates trebol shop

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