SXSW – Day Uno R3Cap & HLs


Live Music Capital of the World

SXSW 27th Edition

Music Portion of the Festival kicked-off  Tuesday 12th….

Thousands of bands were  ready to hit the stage and perform in front of many locals and visitors from all over the green planet, bars and venues anxious to receive everyone’s cash, corporations ready to hunt, media covering every corner, paper plastered and flying all over, APD looking cool, locals having a blast, visitors amazed and looking for real estate, networking , cycles rule the road, talent trading, dreams, hope, searching, S X Say What?

Just like that…. it came and it’s now gone.

Day One

music way sxsw day 1

Walked around the Heart of SXSW, Austin Convention Center, here is where you meet and greet everyone sxsw…  Film Premiers,  register-get Badge Wristband or what not, Panels/Conferences and Interviews, 2 Stages for Special Performances, Flatstock , Music Gear Expo, WiFi and Device Charging Stations, Rides and Flyer, Food and Drink… all the essentials to gear up !

First Show to Catch us,  literaly because we had no idea The Mexican Elvis was in town already, was a free show at world famous Flamingo Cantina with The Schitzophonics & El Vez “The Mexican Elvis”…The Punk Rock’n show was a great start for all to come, cool, fun and fresh..

music way sxsw el vez schitzophonics flamingo cantina

Plans were set and we headed to Sounds of Chile.. saw performances by Fakuta and Diego Peralta to later run towards iHeart Radio showcase to catch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis first SXSW show.

music way sxsw macklemore ryan lewis ihart radio

it was F*#,!n Awesome… No wonder why The Heist manages to stay in the top 100.  This guys are keeping it as real as they want while running a business at the same time… total playground…

FREE Download – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Irish Celebration”

From there we hit The Elysium to catch with No Brain (South Korea) and Red Eyed Fly for Burning Avalanche (ATX)… swing by The Parish to watch the amazing Mother Falcon (ATX) Live Performance…

music way sxsw mother falcon


walked 1 block down 6th street just in time for We Are The Grand (Chile)… This Guys Rock ! Great Tunes and Lyrics, in a way reminded me of Artic Monkeys/Los Hermanos/Oasis but with a lot more kick…

music way sxsw we are the grand

Right after We Are The Grand we headed west on 6th to catch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for the second time… it was not re-play… the performance was a lot better and then some, Warner Sound setup @ The Belmont was a lot better for the audience and the performer… Macklemore walked on the crowd stepping on hands and heads… he was joined by Wanz, Ray Dalton and Mary Lambert… crowd went crazy with Thrift Shop and Irish Celebration… but there was a special moment during “Same Love”… almost everyone was quiet during Macklemore speech before the song and while Mary and Ben chanted the chorus an spectator took his shirt off and hold it up the entirety of the song… the fluorecent green shirt read ” LEGALIZE GAY” … shirt was tossed to the stage at the end and folks surrounding  “Joe” were hugging each other and “Joe” was crying… talk about the meaning of a song hitting close by…

music way sxsw macklemore ryan lewis belmont

music way sxsw macklemore ryan lewis


Finished the  Night  at The Whiskey Room with Suie Paparude (Romania)….. just gonna leave it @ Weird.

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