Music of Your Life (OTCQB: MYLI) To Stream Live Concerts Globally, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on Music Of Your Life, Inc. (OTCQB: MYLI).

$110,000.00 Market Cap
Longest running syndicated radio company in the world to begin to Stream Live Concert Events and generate subscription revenue
Through its new relationship with Craig Lambert, Music of Your Life will begin streaming live concert events as part of the Company’s developing monthly subscription service, to its subscribers’ desktop and mobile devices.

On top of the actual concert events, additional coverage, which will be streamed live, includes back stage access before and after the shows, after parties, and other exclusive events. The content will be archived and available for viewing at any time via the company’s new website currently under development as part of Music of Your Life’s exclusive and growing library of content.

Many of the bands that Music of Your Life will be streaming from the venues have millions of followers throughout their social media channels, and because they are motivated to increase their market awareness and continue to build their social media platforms, the Company is expecting a high conversion rate.

The Company plans to market the new commercial free service using its nationwide terrestrial broadcast network, and will target the fans of celebrity show hosts as well as the live event performers through social media. Estimated rates for the commercial free service will be $5 per month for basic service, with premium rates, including streaming live concerts, aimed at $10 per month.

Craig Lambert said, “I’ve been associated with Sterling Venue Ventures, for many years, and we’ve been looking for an opportunity to broadcast live shows for quite a while. Music of Your Life is a perfect fit for the venues, the performers, and their fans to launch these shows globally.”

Craig further stated, “I’m extremely excited to be involved with Music of Your Life at a time when more and more of the industry moves toward a subscription based streaming model. Everyone from iHeart to Apple , Pandora and Spotify recognize the massive revenue that can be generated from this type of service.

Music of Your Life (OTCQB: MYLI) recently announced the signing of Music Industry Executive Craig Lambert to bring Celebrity DJ’s to the Company’s developing subscriber network.

Craig is one of the most well-known and successful music industry executives in the country whose rolodex of entertainers is a virtual who’s who in the rock and roll community.

Music of Your Life, Inc. (OTCQB: MYLI)’s Market cap is currently a meager $110,000.00.

A successful subscription based model can propel them to new levels.

Broadcasting since 1978, the longest running syndicated radio company in the world, Music of Your Life (OTCQB: MYLI), is in the midst of a transformation to high-growth digital, subscriber based radio which could be completed as early as December 2016.

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