Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta at SXSW

Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta rocks the sounds of pan-Latin American cumbia. Their gritty, grassroots approach captures the “golden age” of streamlined, tight-knit ensembles that shook sweatbox dance floors with raw and fierce energy throughout Latin America in the 1970s—honest dance music with no frills and no fear, anchored by piercing guitars, garage organs, and straight-ahead percussive might.

Dos-Santos Anti Beat Orquesta

Alex Chavez one of the members of the group is not stranger to the Austin Music Sceene. He was the Singer of Maneja Beto.

Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta will be a featured artist at CHICAGO MADE’s official SXSW showcase on March 17th in Austin, Texas

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