Que Bajo?!

Que Bajo?! the popular dance party thrown by DJs Uproot Andy and Geko Jones is an all out, raucous journey through the history of the sounds of the tropics and Latin diaspora. The two masterful DJs have been throwing parties together for over 5 years and are known as the authority in Latin-diaspora, tropical electronic dance music in NYC and beyond. Geko and Andy keep the music at the center of their events while they partner with dancers, video teams, live bands and more. When you walk into a Que Bajo?! party you are immediately brought into the familia and moved to dance along with the infectious grooves these DJs and their guests lay down. Geko and Andy have built a record label and produced hundreds of collaborations, mixtapes and events and now, Que Bajo?! is ready to hit the road and share the barrioteca madness with the masses.


Geko Jones
(DJ, solo)

Geko Jones, founder of the Dutty Artz record label and co-founder of the Que Bajo?! party is one of New York City’s top global bass DJ’s. Geko finds his sound by digging through his own cultural roots like a mad dance floor anthropologist, he mixes rare, traditional, cumbia, bachata, bass and more with new dance beats and leaves his crowds with a wild dance floor.

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