AJ Davila y Terror Amor ◄ BEIBI + Pocos Años, Muchos Daños ► Album Premiere

Listen to “Baibi” the new LP by AJ Davila y Terror Amor and “Pocos Años, Muchos Daños” a singles album, both released today.

The Garage Punk dressed with guitar punches, hard tones and retro sounds is what you get along with the raspy voice of AJ Davila. From “Iggy Prueba” to the version of  “Media Naranja” every song deserves more than one play and a shot of tequila.

The Davila Pandilla is busy doing rounds almost every single day all over and everywhere, full of love and terror, this fellas are making sure their seed spreads through a magic habichuela. Davila 666 grabs you from the buckle and flips you around the block with every spinal beat.

Aj Davila y Terror Amor

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