“One Love” Time-lapse painting of Bob Marley by Artist Robyn Chance

Robyn Chance lives on the big island of Hawaii, and there she is a dedicated student of practicing unconditional love through creativity. Her native Texan background includes an ancestry of English, Irish, French, Cherokee and Choctaw decent. Robyn had a daydreaming childhood of emotional and attention deficit challenges, yet armed with a built-in radar allowing her to gently hover outside the mainstream worldview. Deliberately forgoing a standardized education, the peaceful rebel left high school to begin following her true excitement and intuition at eighteen. Although she was told she wouldn’t become successful without a college degree and couldn’t model at five foot three (with crooked teeth and a crooked nose), she continued learning, imagining and developing herself with little attention to the system’s limitations. Within a decade of leaving high school, she became a Nationally-published glamour model, Creative Director to over one-hundred photo and video shoots, an MTV music video vixen, Co-founded R-tress Designs, Chance Gallerie and became a Nationally-acclaimed Salsa and Bachata dance performer and instructor.


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