OutKast is back !

OUTKAST performed Friday at Coachella after more than 7 years of absence.

The much anticipated reunion had divided reactions from the 80,000 festival attendees, many expected a stronger and fast paced set, some didn’t had a clue on what to expect nor the big buzz about the act, while others just wanted to see them live, hear the hits, snap a pic and get some rest.

The show did have some weird moments but the one that stands the most for us is when Andre3000 stopped the Music during ‘Benz Friends’ and in a nice way of saying, Get off the stage, he asked Future about album.. rapper gone… OutKast show continued with Hootie Hoo.

Take it for what it is, a live performance, not every show will sound like the track on your playlist, specially an outdoor performance. OutKast music set a mark since Aquemini & Stankonia leading way for many of the music we listen nowadays.

A hit and miss, take it or leave it ,OutKast is back !

We still believe that a SXSW appearance would’ve taken a better response.



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