Julio Iglesias Grand Night in Austin

Last night ACL Live presented the international renown Spaniard singer, Julio Iglesias.

The much awaited night by fans from different nationalities was finally here, right after the lights turned off the crowd received Julio Iglesias with a standing ovation as he walked the stage to open the night with the romantic piece “Amor, Amor, Amor”.

The second song of the night “La Gota Fría” was followed by a delightful performance of a couple executing Tango to “A Media Luz”. He was accompanied by three beautiful chorus comates and six talented musicians.

Julio mentioned the time he visited Austin in 1984 to record with Willie Nelson the #1 international hit “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” produced by Rich Perry. Between songs he talked about love and sex, a trademark that make him the suave Spanish conquistador.

–“Tango is making love vertically”

— “I used to be superstitious and believed that I had to make love before getting on stage… Now if I want to make it to the Stage I can’t make love” Julio Iglesias ACL picture show

With the right hand pulsing a tempo by his heart and holding the microphone with the left one, Julio Iglesias “The Original Mr. International”, pleased the audience with a repertoire of hits and covers in French, Spanish, English and Italian. “Manuela”, “Me Va, Me Va”, “Always on My Mind”, “Crazy”, “Caruso”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, “Hey” and “Abrazame” were part of the exquisite night.

julio iglesias setlist

He is an icon that has recorded and sung in different languages, making him the best-selling Latin artist of all time with a record of more than 300 million sales of 80 albums, at 70 years of age, Julio Iglesias is a pioneer of the crossover concept and has conquer generations all over the globe with his music.

The concert was a pleasant experience set with style and finesse for a historical night in Austin with Julio Iglesias.


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