First Annual ‘Kids Music Day’ to Be Celebrated October 7

The First Annual “Kids Music Day” will be celebrated on Friday, Oct. 7. On this special day, the organization Keep Music Alive is partnering with music schools across the nation to help promote the importance of including music in children’s education. Activities being planned by the music schools include open houses, student performances and musical instrument donation drives in their respective communities. To date, over 50 schools from 14 states have signed up to participate in “Kids Music Day.”

Vincent James, co-founder of Keep Music Alive and “Kids Music Day,” says, “We recognize so many public schools across the country are cutting or reducing their music and arts programs. Research has shown how critical music and art education are to developing our children’s minds and character. Our mission is to spotlight musical programs, and help raise awareness of how valuable music really is to our children and our collective future.”

For more information on “Kids Music Day” and Keep Music Alive, please visit

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