The Copper Gamins “La Quimera de Cobre” NEW ALBUM

The Mexican garage rock duo known as The Copper Gamins return with their new album “La Quimera de Cobre” – their first since 2013’s “Los Niños de Cobre”.

The record is out Today April 14 on Cosmica Records and deftly features the same guitar riff o’ rama and drum pounding the band is known for but with a few twists, more peaks and valleys in the arrangements and even a few songs in Spanish.

Jose Carmen (vocals, guitar) and Claus (drums) have employed the much ballyhooed DIY ethos into a way of life, eschewing modern recording techniques and employing “vintage” Mexican amplifiers and guitars much in the way veteran DIY’ers simplified their approach to performing and recording – except these guitars and amplifiers sometimes do have mini explosions on stage. The first single off the record is “Entre La Luna y El Mar” (Between the Moon and the Sea) a song that starts with a sparse guitar and vocal, a beat, then turns into a roiling romp.

The “Coppers” (as they are affectionately known as) are coming off a triumphant appearance at SXSW and the 2014 edition of Vive Latino- Mexico’s largest alternative festival. The band returns to the United States in May opening for Tex Mex Punk group Piñata Protest. Catch them in Austin May 16 at the Continental 10pm

copper gamins


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