Tally Koren ►”Just Want to Be Loved by You” ► VIDEO Premiere

Tally Koren, the Middle Eastern diva, champion of co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians, was one of the highlights at the recent Peace Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Just Want to Be Loved By You” is the new single by Tally Koren produced by Phil Curran and Tally Koren and mixed by Guy Katsav, whose selected credits include Laura Marling and David Guetta.

The new video of the single directed by Arnie Voysey and written by Tally, based on her own life story, leaving the golden cage and fulfilling her dreams at a later stage of her life, with success of her previous releases which were played on BBC Radio 2, play-listed on 100 other radio stations and featured on the Virgin Media TV playlist.

The single is just one track on her new album ‘A Love Song For You’

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