Foo Fighters Epic Austin City Limits Show ◄ R3Cap

The Foo Fighters were set to do a taping on Nov 7 on Austin City Limits Season 40, but it was postponed due to the arrival of Taylor’s new born. New date was set for Nov 20 2014.

The show was one of the most anticipated concerts by many Foos Fans since the taping was announced and added more anxiety and excitement as the new date approached. Thursday night (11/20/14) many arrived early and waited in line outside The Moody Theater to secure a spot not minding the rain. 

Terry Lickona stepped onto the stage to announce and welcome The Foo Fighters closing Season 40 and the night immediately turned into a Rock N Roll feast.

Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, Rami Jaffee hit the stage and started jamming 8 songs non-stop, Aurora,  Feast and the Famine, Learn to Fly, Arlandria, Times Like These, Rope, Pretender and My Hero.

During the Brake, Dave Grohl mentioned they did 8 songs back to back because they had over 100 songs to play and warned for the night to be long. Playing Monkey Wrench and Hey, Johnny Park! Dave stepped off the stage and walked over to the crowd along with his Trini Lopez, the cameras in the studio pursued Grohl, cables, takes and staff got all tangled up in the motion but the 40 years of experience behind the TV show production team captured the moment in time. A lucky music reviewer was sitting down with pen and paper as the leader of The Foos stood next to him and like a walk in the park Mr. Peter Blackstock kept on writing notes with no affect.

The night was just getting started when a nice treat for the audience and future viewers came along, Gary Clark Jr. joined the stage for “What Did I Do” and “God As My Witness” and Jimmie Vaughan came later to play  “Tuff Enuff”, 6 guitars getting slashed on stage for a legendary moment.

More tracks kept slamming and rocking Austin City Limits, Cold Day in the Sun,Congregation, In the Clear, I’ll Stick Around, Walk , Outside, and All My Life was part of what could have been the end of a regular taping session, but there was more to come.

Later on the Night Dave Grohl requested for champagne and once again he stepped off the stage to dance around the crowd while Tylor Hawkins played Miss You (Rolling Stones). From there on The Foo Fighters kept on Rockin covering Under Pressure (Queen/Bowie), Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love (Van Halen), Stiff Competition (Cheap Trick) and Breakdown (Tom Petty).

Foo Fighters closed the 165 minute show with Best of you and Everlong.

This one goes to the books for sure as Dave Grohl mentioned before the end. Not as the longest session of season 40, but for the most Rock and Fun show. The Black Keys were originally going to close the season, glad it was The Foos with the whole playground, garage band, forget is a tv show, lets rock all night vibe, plus the amazing energy of the band, Grohl taking over the drums, Taylor as vocalist on those adidas supertars and the never ending smile of Pat Smear.

The rest we leave for you to watch once the show airs on Austin City Limits.

Dave Grohl

Photo by Scott Newton

Foo Fighters ACL

Photo by Scott Newton

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