Residual Kid ► Sign with SIRE / Warner Bros. Records

The Punk Grunge Alternative band, Residual Kid, born in Austin,TX. announced their signing with SIRE – Warner Bros. Records.

Fresh evidence showing that hard work and perseverance can make a dream come through. Residual Kid has played constantly since they started pursuing their dream, most of the time opening shows and eventually with popularity gained a status worth playing at venues where most bands are 21+.

Breaking stereotypes of cute Kids in a band, these teenage punks managed to go pass the first reaction and judgment by the crowd and turn them into fans with their style, a trip to old school Garage Punk and Grunge. Listening to their tracks it sounds like this fellas were born reading Thrasher Magazine back in the days when Trapper Keepers and walkmans were cool, but they didn’t and that is even cooler.

Punk born independently and leading way for a new generation, Residual Kid is just getting started and working on the next album.

Way to go Kids !

Nov 7 – Parish – with METZ and The Blood Brothers and Single Mothers
Nov 26 – Stuffing Festival – Atlanta, GA. – w/ Manchester Orchestra
Dec 5 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
Dec 26 – Emo’s – Austin, TX – w/ the Toadies


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