Polock ◄ Rising Up ►Quickie Rev

polock rising up altered artwork

Polock is back with second album ‘Rising Up’ and their indie-rock sound still lives on. From Everlasting to Freak City, the Spain based band captures indie, pop, rock and some funk on all 10 Tracks. Sometimes similar tunes of Daft Punk and The Royal Concept come to mind, but Polock managed to keep it original and challenging.

Track 7 could be a lucky experiment of an instrumental and passive beat made of drums, synths and guitar Rising Up and closing to a mellow vibe.

Cassius Clay wanted to share part of Freak City ;

…it starts to get so loud The music never dies New faces dance floor lust City rider chase Open for business we’re closed We started years ago Leading a wild life like animals You say what’s the time? Can’t see straight head spinning around Oh you say What’s the time? Yeah now…

Rising Up is available on iTunes



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