Meet Diana Fuentes and Fall in Love ♥♫ Será Sol ☼ VIDEO

Born in Habana, Cuba singer-songwriter, Diana Fuentes, is a leader within the flourishing generation of performers and musicians under the flag of new Cuban music.

As a result, the songstress positioned herself in the music industry with the release of her second album, Planeta Planetario (Planet Planetarium). This project was a joint artistic collaboration with renowned Puerto Rican musician and producer, Eduardo Cabra (Visitante), member of the critically acclaimed band Calle 13. The esteemed producer, who is responsible for Calle 13’s distinctive sound, gave life to Diana’s artistic and past experiences through the rhythms they created; thus, building a remarkably unique planet.

Planeta Planetario will be an important step for Diana Fuentes to gain recognition internationally. This eclectic album fuses Afro-Cuban sounds, pop, electronic music, folk, and bolero.

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